Shad Crossing

Click here for the codes! Once you get to the page, just click on any of the designs, click ‘read more’ and the qr code should pop up.



I visited the extremely beautiful town of さにれに earlier today, when I saw another Tumblr user post some photos, and I have fallen in love! The entire town is laid out in such a pretty and cute way, I wanna just scream! I seriously just LOVE this town so much! 

I highly recommend  visiting, you’ll have so much fun!

I spent ages wandering around, and tbh I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

I can really see how much time & effort this person has put into the game, and it really really has paid off!

DREAM ADDRESS: 3400 - 0431 - 3656


:’) <3


:’) <3

oh there was an axe in the flowershop today finally

i just want an axe



I’ve been pretty busy the last couple days, and haven’t had a buuunch of time to be in the town!

I completed work on the bench ((And started work on a bridge!!)) then visited Katrina, who showed up in our town. I was already wearing my lucky item — Boots — that I’d gotten from Emily’s town the day before!!

It started raining early in the morning, when the new day rolled over. That means I got my upstairs, and my bigger house!! Now I REALLY need some stuff to fill it up with!! 

Construction was completed on the flower shop, too!! Wow, it’s really cute inside. I wish there were shelves like that for my own home to put flowers on…

Also, I found a little wandering kitten in my town. I brought her over to Emily’s town!!

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